The unexplainable?

Have you ever sat and watched tv and felt a cool brush of air against you? Or thought you saw someone pass by, out of the corner of your eye, only to look up and discover no one was there? Or had a dream about someone you hadn’t seen in years, and then that person contacted you the next day?

Or met someone for the first time and felt as if you’d known that person forever?

I know, these are kind of eerie, maybe even creepy, things to think about, but they’re common occurrences. Maybe even more common than we care to admit.

Let’s face it. Most of us better handle what’s in front of us. The things we can touch or taste or smell or sense in some way. It’s easier on our small little brains to comprehend what can be explained. The earth rotates around the sun. Gravity makes stuff fall to the ground. Rain helps plants grow. These are tangible and proven facts that we base much of our life on and probably take for granted.

But the unexplainable? The things that we think might exist but aren’t sure about because we can’t sense them? Not so easy.

It’s been said that there are ten, possibly eleven, dimensions around our earth. Yet we accept that we live in a 3+1 dimensional place (length, width and depth +time) because we can prove it. It’s there, right in front of us. We live it every day. Does that mean the other 7 or 8 dimensions don’t exist? No, not necessarily. It’s just that we can’t easily prove them. Not yet, anyway.

In a way, these things are what give me inspiration to write about past lives. There are many thoughts on the subject — from the outright “past lives don’t exist” to “yes, they are real and I can prove I’ve lived a few” — and they all provide great food for thought for my writing. I mean, seriously. Can you imagine discovering that you had a past life and that there are certain people around you who you’ve known before, and that keep coming back with you until you learn the lessons you need to learn before moving on?

Amazing stuff, if you ask me. Especially when you throw in the romantic notion of a soul mate. You meet someone and have an instant connection. This person gets you and understands you without even having to try. Your relationship, as new as it is, slots into place like a lock and key. It feels like you’ve known this person forever.

And maybe you have.

Because you belong with that person. Forever.

Through all the ups and downs of time, sharing relationships with other men or women, arguments, separations, love and heat and passion, whatever it is, you keep coming back life after life because you belong with that one person. And continue to do so until you get it right.


What an interesting unexplainable, don’t you think?

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I write about secrets, suspense, and soulmates.
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1 Response to The unexplainable?

  1. Sharon Clare says:

    Yes, Terri, I’ve experienced these things more than once. I went for a couple past-life regression hypnosis sessions, 3 hours that flew by in minutes. One session was life between lives. It was an eye-opening, enriching experience. Life is so much more meaningful when you’re open to these things. At least I think it is.


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