I need to vent

Actually, I think I’m past the venting.

I’ve been overwhelmed lately. Between a day job that’s insanely busy and juggling In This Life and all its marketing — plus getting ready to final edit the 2nd book, write the 3rd book — I’ve been losing my mind. I can’t remember things the way I used to. I don’t feel as sharp. And, I’m not getting enough sleep.

The solution?

I’ve decided to step back and let go.

For me, this is a difficult thing to do. Just ask my best friend. Oddly, though, I feel a little more relieved today than I have been the past few weeks. I’ve decided to enjoy my book release, enjoy the excitement building among my family and friends and (hopefully!) readers and fans (do I have any yet? LOL) and just be.

Will I feel this way tomorrow? Or the next day or the day after that? I don’t know, but I hope so. For me, I’ve reached a major milestone, and one that’s been sixteen years (OMG!) in the making. If anything, after all that time, I think I deserve some rest.

That is all. I needed to get that off my mind so I could make a little more room for something else to move in.

Sheesh. A writer’s life isn’t an easy one. Still, I would trade it in for a thing.

PS – Holy crap! I just checked my countdown! TEN days to go until release day!!! Here we go again…the brain’s a-buzzing again.

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17 Responses to I need to vent

  1. Narelle says:

    She knows the theory, intellectually she knows what she has to do, but can she do it? ๐Ÿ™‚ Terri is totally selfless when it comes to others but has a hard time being kind to herself.


  2. norasnowdon says:

    yup, slow down and eat the chocolates. i can understand your dilemna, but unfortunately i often have the opposite problem, speeding up to actually complete things. could we trade for a week? ๐Ÿ˜‰


  3. I’m right there with ya, ladies. Only I’m in that weird in between state. I’ve got a manuscript with an editor, have my blogs for my blog tour written, and I find myself searching around for something to do. I know there are tons of things I could be doing, but there’s nothing with that you-need-to-do-it-now kind of urgency. You’d think that would be a good time to unwind, but it just leaves me with a nervous, I need to get stuff done, but where do I start feeling. I need a project to sink my teeth into!


    • terriponce says:

      Ugh. Been there, too. It’s bad when you start actually LOOKING for stuff to do. And I have no troubles with that, even at 3 in the morning.

      Congrats on the blog tour and having all that work mapped out already! I didn’t do a tour but I’ve got about 5 I’m involved with for promotion and two are still hanging over my head. Want to write mine, MJ? That’ll give you something to do.


      • Oh, but Terri, then everyone would miss out on your wit and insight! No, I cannot, in good conscience, allow that to happen! ( :
        Has your day gotten any better? Sometimes it helps me to say, “Whatever bad happens in the world out there (the publishing world), what is important is right here at home, with my kids, and my hubby, and that never changes.”


      • terriponce says:

        My day has gotten better, MJ. I just opened a bottle of red, baseball is on in about 45 minutes and I shut down my computer and put away all my files and papers an hour ago. Wahoo!


      • That a girl, Terri! I knew you had it in you!


  4. terriponce says:

    It’s all about the balance, right? Easy to say, not always easy to do. I don’t know, though. With all the technology and advancement at our fingertips, I truly believe we’ve lost something and that’s mainly stopping to smell the roses. How sad that we’ve forgotten how to do that.

    Time to make that change.


  5. Your post resonated with me. I am there. TOO BUSY to give my brain time the catch up. I am in the process of putting together my first eBook. I am so worried I will miss something that I overwhelm myself with negative thoughts. You’re right, step back and enjoy the journey. ๐Ÿ™‚


  6. Sharon Clare says:

    Good plan, Terri, something I need to tell myself. When I finally shut down at night, I can’t sleep because my brain didn’t get the shut-down notice. My head feels full all the time.
    I’ve started taking lunch time walks where I don’t think about anything. Just take in the sun or wind or birds whatever that is not writing related.
    I think we need to relax a bit and let time bring us readers.


    • terriponce says:

      I like the idea of walks. I usually go running in the morning to clear my head, but haven’t done that in over a week. I wanted to go out this morning but it was raining. And it still is.

      My brain is full like yours is. There’s no more room in it for anything else. I really should get back to meditating. I started, stopped, started and then stopped again. It works wonders and shame on me for not doing it.

      Uh oh. Bad thunder and lightning. Gotta go!


  7. Take a deep breath. This is supposed to be exciting, right? (Not much room to talk because I’m a control freak, but this is what people always tell me.) and once the clock has struck 12, have a glass of wine. You’re apparently not a lush if you wait till afternoon to imbibe. :-). Congrats!


    • terriponce says:

      Yes, yes. Deep breath. Like Dory does in Finding Nemo (great movie, btw). Just keep swimming, just keep swimming…

      I will definitely have a glass of wine. Or more. And I’ll definitely celebrate. Oh look. It’s afternoon already. Pity I have a day job to attend to. Maybe later. LOL


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