My Day Has Arrived – I’m Officially An Author

And I have to tell you, I’m out of words.

I know! How weird is that? As an author, I have no words!

I’m happy, tired, speechless, a bit tense, a bit excited…all sorts of emotions that can’t even come close to describing how I feel about the debut of In This Life.

I took the day off from work to enjoy this moment, this first-ever in my life, and then kick back and do absolutely nothing. No writing or editing or marketing. So, with this post, I’m signing off for the day. I’m putting on a sweatshirt, heading outdoors and maybe out to the East End, and I’m putting all this writing behind me, at least for now.

For those of you who bought In This Life, I hope with all my heart that you enjoy the story and that you’re drawn to my characters as strongly as I am. For those of you who will buy it, I wish you the same.

And tomorrow, when I get up and head into work on the train, I’ll be powering up my laptop again and writing the next book and pushing David and Lottie to even further limits. More paranormal suspense. More past lives and second chances. More fun!

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About terriponce

I write about secrets, suspense, and soulmates.
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20 Responses to My Day Has Arrived – I’m Officially An Author

  1. Lorijo Metz says:

    Congrats! There’s no better feeling than having what you’ve worked so long on, finally out there. Enjoy the day!


  2. suzantisdale says:

    I remember the day I launched my first book…I think I cried for an hour because it was such a mind-blowing experience! ;o) Best wishes to you!


  3. Verna Enebo says:

    Congratulations! A well deserved accolade:)


  4. How awesome. Congratulations and have a great kick back day.


    • terriponce says:

      Thanks, Susan. I am trying to have a kick back day– haven’t been successful yet so hopefully a kick back night instead!


      • Penn says:

        On the subject of tatts…. Why don’t you get your feet wet by getting hennaed instead of tattooed? It’s semi-permanent and gives you a good idea if this is the way you want to go…permanently before you go permanently. ????


      • terriponce says:

        I dunno. I really am attached to the ankh tattoo. I’d also love a NY Yankees logo. 😉


  5. Penn O'Hara says:

    Which words in particular were you ‘out of’??? No, I don’t mean it. I’m like a kid on Xmas morning myself wondering what delights the day will bring. Or watching the stocks I bought cheaply and thinking, ‘Sell, sell, SELL!!!!’


  6. Sharon Clare says:

    Congratulations, Terri, and I hope you have a wonderful day in relaxed celebration. Heading outside sounds pretty fabulous to me!


  7. Bravo!!! I know the feeling have just published my third book (sci-fi romance).. Seems unreal to have a book in your hands with your name on it, eh?


  8. terriponce says:

    thanks, P.C. I intend to!


  9. P. C. Zick says:

    Congratulations and savor the day.


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