A reviewer loved In This Life so much, they’re offering copies for free!

This about pretty much is the best thing that can happen to an author when they’re reviewed by a book reviewer blog.

When I pitched a review to Hesperia Loves Books for In This Life, I was expecting the usual — “no thanks, we’ve got enough books to read until next year”, “we can review but not until next year”, or “yes, send the uncorrected galley right over”. The response with Hesperias was the latter, and a thrill for me.

See, authors get reviews from all over the place. It starts with family and friends and then, hopefully branches out from there with other readers you don’t know and reviewers who love to read books so much that they write blogs dedicated to what they’ve read and reviewed. But when the folks at Hesperia contacted me and said they loved the book so much they wanted to offer two copies of In This Life to other readers, because “everyone else needs to know about this book”, I nearly fell off my chair.

So what are you waiting for? Check out the review and see what they’re buzzing about. And maybe you’ll win a copy, too!

Click here for details and to register to win.

On a final note, thank you AGAIN to all the readers and reviewers who have supported me so far. It’s been a wonderful boost to help me keep going with my writing!

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I write about secrets, suspense, and soulmates.
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5 Responses to A reviewer loved In This Life so much, they’re offering copies for free!

  1. Terri I’m so glad that we were able to read & review your book – it was truly a pleasure ♥


  2. When I clicked your “click here” link, I get page not found. I’m familiar with Hesperian, though, so I’ll try an alternate route. Congrats!


  3. Alisa Russell says:

    I went and read the review and submitted a comment. Very intrigued by the book. Also, I’ve appreciated the encouragement since I’ve found your blog. I am at the very beginning of this writing process and hope, one day, to be able to have the same opportunity for publication, but if not, I will still write because writing, to me, is the same as breathing. Have a wonderful day!


    • terriponce says:

      Alisa, I totally understand where you’re coming from and I think many other writers do as well. I can’t imagine a day without writing or even thinking about my writing. In the end, it’s what makes me happiest. Like you said, it’s the same as breathing!


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