The best gifts you can give a #writer for the holidays — and they’re all free!

I ran across a terrific post by Stacy Juba about 12 Fun Holiday Presents for writers and thought, “Hmm, I think she’s onto something here.” And while reading her ideas, I came up with a few of my own that I’d love to tack on. If you know a writer, you simply can’t go wrong with any one of these suggestions:

  1. Leave a review! I know, it sounds simple enough, but do you realize how many readers don’t understand the significance of such a simple little act? Two or three sentences on Amazon or B&N is all it takes. If you love the book you read, tell the author! If you hated it, tell the author that, too! Your honest, but respectful, feedback goes a super long way. Even better, it’ll take only a few minutes of your time.
  2. Visit the author’s website or Facebook page. And leave a comment. Maybe there’s something about a certain character that the author wrote that you fell in love with. Or maybe it’s the way they use language to convey suspense or mystery. Authors live for this kind of interaction. It’s what keeps them writing and wanting to please their fans.
  3. Talk to them about their writing or their latest story. This is all about engaging the writer directly. Ask them why they created a certain character, or why they ended a book a certain way, and they’re not going to be able to ignore you. Writers love to discuss their stories. It makes them feel appreciated, and understood, and it’ll make them love you forever.
  4. Appreciate the writer’s work as a writer, not as a hobby. A writer’s skin will, for the most part, crawl if you start telling them that they’ve taken on a wonderful hobby. For many writers, writing is very, very hard work. We sit at a desk, stare at an empty screen, and toil over words and scenes and characters, trying to make them enjoyable, entertaining and believable. Hobbies are used to pass time. Writing is a job. And appreciating and knowing the difference will go a long way with a writer.
  5. Ask to read their work. Writers are always looking for honest feedback about their writing. If you have a trusting relationship with a writer and you notice that they’re struggling with a scene or character, offer to read it. Or even brainstorm about it. Believe me. They’ll love your insight because you’re not as close to the work as they are. An unbiased set of eyes is the best present an author can ever get.
  6. Create a scrapbook that milestones their achievements. Okay, so this one isn’t exactly free, but what better way to show a writer that you’ve been paying attention than to create a work that commemorates their work? Raving reviews. A picture of their book on Amazon. Articles or stories that showcase their recently published book. Doing so shows that you’ve been paying attention, and that you value their writing as much as they do.

So there you have it. And you know what makes these gifts truly wonderful? They can be done anytime throughout the year!

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7 Responses to The best gifts you can give a #writer for the holidays — and they’re all free!

  1. P. C. Zick says:

    I posted on my Facebook page – great ideas. Thanks for post, Terri.


  2. All great suggestions! Love the one about talking to writers about their work. It’s actually very helpful to bounce ideas off another person, and a supportive listener can do wonders for opening up the thought process.


  3. Mom says:

    Greeat ideas. Think Ill trest myself to a few…especially the scrapbook idea
    Kassie aka “Mom”


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