Cover Reveal: COVET (a paranormal suspense with no vampires and a side of romance)

It’s here!

I got my final cover for COVET today and I’m thrilled to be able to share it with you. Love the wallet, and the bar and the bar scene in the background…which is where all the trouble starts for David Bellotti while on a takedown in a Turkey nightclub where he finds a photo of Lottie, the love of his life, in drug lord Zev Sahin’s wallet.

Want to read chapter 1? Click here.

Another step closer to the big release day — March 25!

And many thanks to Crimson Romance for working with me on this, and listening to my input.


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I write about secrets, suspense, and soulmates.
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7 Responses to Cover Reveal: COVET (a paranormal suspense with no vampires and a side of romance)

  1. Terri, how COOL — that’s a great companion to In His Side; they’ll look nice displayed together. And then of course there’ll be another, and another, and another… 🙂


  2. Margaret says:

    Beautiful. Can’t wait to read the book.


  3. Penn says:

    So glad the original side profile of Lottie has now been featured again.


  4. Well, I like the cover the the “o” looks like an ampersand. Or it looks like Ccevet. Sorry. I just don’t get the lettering.


  5. Rachael Dahl says:

    It’s hauntingly beautiful. Congratulations!


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