After a difficult week for Boston, a simple thank you

I prefer not to draw limelight to other people’s suffering or get on the “how tragic” bandwagon, but do believe that after this week’s events in Boston one thing should be noted.

That city, through all the insanity and chaos since Monday, wouldn’t have pulled through the way it did if it weren’t for the men and women who put themselves out there to protect citizens and find terrorists. I work in NYC and live with the reality of police officers and the military — all heavily armed — watching out for our safety every day. It’s disconcerting that it’s come to this but without these people, one can only wonder how things would otherwise be.

It’s not a perfect system. After all, a country or city or town can’t be 100% safe 100% of the time. A sad truth for today. But, it’s these men and women who try to make a difference for the rest of us.

That said, thank you to the agents, police officers and military who made a difference, and continue to do so.

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6 Responses to After a difficult week for Boston, a simple thank you

  1. Penn says:

    Hear! Hear! I second that.


  2. P. C. Zick says:

    I second your sentiments with my whole heart. Thanks for post.


  3. JulieS says:

    The Living on the Cheap consortium is collecting a $1 from everyone who feels so moved to buy a cup of coffee for the police officers of Boston. The cool thing is they are making tags with messages to say thanks from individuals, too.


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