Overthinking things

I realized today that I’ve let myself fall into that horrible trap of overthinking things. Which came while I was, uh, thinking.

Found on WickedYing.com

Found on WickedYing.com

In all honesty, I had no intentions of updating my blog today. I’m home sick (fever, chills, nausea and overall blech), but after a day full of work that involved lots and lots of moving parts and engaging people and hoping we can make deadlines, I started thinking about all the thinking I’ve been doing lately. Oh, that’s not to say there’s not any reacting going on. It’s there, and in full force, but the thinking is what’s making me a leeeeetle insane.

Maybe it’s my fever-addled brain, but as I was finishing up another conference call and trying to think about my book and how much writing hasn’t happened in the past week and how crappy I was feeling, I had one of those AHA moments where something clicked.

I’ve been overanalyzing.

See, I’m often a seat-of-your-pants person. I go with the flow and yeah, while I can plan with the best of them, I’m at my most comfortable when I handle situations as they occur. Which hasn’t made its way into my writing for the past five or six days.

For me, this is not good. I’ve let my brain take over for my creativity and emotion, and let logic dictate what’s good or bad, and what should be written or what should not even make it to the page. In the end, that kills storytelling. So, I’ve made the decision to let everything go and just GO. I’ll let my Right Brain have fun, let loose with my story, and probably end up with something a whole lot better that way.

My Zen by iCekRiMe

My Zen by iCekRiMe

Sorta like a zen habit — focus on the present and enjoy it. Because once you start thinking about what has to be or what should be, you miss out on all the really great stuff in your day. And, in my case, in my storytelling.

Hmm. I’ve never written while I had a fever. Maybe I should give that a try, even if only for fifteen minutes. I just might surprise myself with something really good.

If I can understand it in the morning.

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14 Responses to Overthinking things

  1. Wow…I needed to hear that “write now.” Sorry that you’re sick, but grateful that you decided to post on your blog today. Thanks!


  2. Feel better. Enjoyed your post, and so totally relate! Must get back to writing without worrying, which is the genre of thinking I do best!


  3. stainsofblue says:

    In writing, I have to over-think… I love planning and laying it all out there, because I actually find it hard to write and think at the same time (that sounds weird!). But I am so with you in everything else – over-thinking, over-analysing is what makes a lot of us so stressed and unhappy. Of course then I want to punch cute little motivational inforgraphics that say stuff like “How to be happy: stop over-thinking.” Like it was a switch you could just turn off.


  4. Terry, what a great post. I think we are all guilty of over thinking…placing so much pressure on ourselves, our poor minds stop functioning. If I ever discover a way to stop doing that, I’ll pass it along. In the meantime, please take care of yourself. Make yourself a nice cup of tea and relax.


  5. Sometimes overthinking is good, as in bouncing alternate scenarios over and over in your head. It can make for better plotting. And… swift recovery!


  6. I’ve done some of my best writing while under the influence of NyQuil…and cocktails. (Not together, mind you!) Nice post, Terri!


  7. bellwriter says:

    Terry, cute… overthinking while you were thinking. I hope you feel better!


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