What Happened to Small Courtesies?

Venting time. I’ve been noticing lately how people just don’t seem to have a sense of small courtesies.

What I can’t figure out is why. Are people just not taught how to show a bit of respect? Or have we become so egocentric as a people that we’ve forgotten how to share space on this planet with others? Or maybe it’s just folks are tired, or stressed, or over-worked and just can’t seem to get out of their own head.

Whatever the cause or reason, here are a bunch of bad manners I’ve run up against in the past few days that I wanted to share here:

a-car-1324052-mCutting someone off because you drive a nicer/more expensive/bigger car. Oh, the person who was cut off was there first. I can guarantee you that. But for some reason, the cutter-offers (is that a word?) seemed to think they deserved to cut in. Which, in my view, is a form of bullying.

tasting-the-veggies-667530-mPicking at samples at the supermarket without using the designated tongs!

Then, going back to the sampler for more with the fingers that were just in your mouth!

DoorNot holding a door open for someone who’s entering the store, office, mall, whatever, after you.

Not letting people exit first before entering. Uh, this is a basic one, too, folks. The exiter (is that also a word?) always has the right of way.

parking-lot-651738-mRushing past a person in your car in the parking lot, when the person you’re rushing past is halfway out of their own spot. Really? You couldn’t wait the ten seconds for that person to pull out?

Littering. Anywhere.

Visiting the local coffee house, pouring your milk and sugar into your drink, and then not bothering to clean up your mess on the counter.

mobile-vacation-833479-mListening to music in a public place (like on a train with other commuters who are trying to work or sleep!) with earbuds plugged in but with the music cranked up so loud others can hear. This is why there are different genres of music, people. So we can listen to what we love, not what you love. Tone down the volume, okay? It’ll save your ears while you’re at it, too.

So. Anyone else have anything to add?

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12 Responses to What Happened to Small Courtesies?

  1. My biggest pet peeve right now is the mess I am left to deal with when I get to work. I hop between two locations and there is only two employees, me included. I have a habit of leaving my workspace clean for the next day. The other employee, not so much, and it drives me crazy, plus it is embarrassing when I have the as soon as I open customer that sees the mess left for me to clean. I don’t get paid to come in early and clean up after this other employee, even though I do make it a habit to come in a few minutes early; especially after she’s worked in my location or I have to go down to her location. What makes it worse is when I clean my house, have to deal with the mess at work, then come back to my house looking like a tornado hit it!
    Teach your children, because respect and consideration is not considered common sense anymore. It’s a learned thing. I’ve been teaching mine for the last 15 years and so far I get a lot of compliments on how respectful and considerate he is:)


  2. ellisv says:

    My pet peeve is in restrooms. The sink surrounds are often so wet and soapy your clothes get wet when you lean in to wash your hands. If only an air dryer is available, you can’t do much, but if there are paper towels, why not wipe off the counter with the one or two you’ve used. You don’t have to clean it, just mop up some of the water. It would leave it so much nicer for the next person.


  3. Penn says:

    I wish men would still allow women out of a lift first. l’m not sure why I feel this – maybe, if the lift drops they’ll be the ones who go down with the ship?


    • terriponce says:

      Now that’s interesting. It’s rare for me to meet a man who doesn’t let the woman exit an elevator first. Hmm.


    • Claire (Clamo88 online) says:

      I’m one of those who feels the ones nearest the door should get out first (or in first). I *hate* it when I indicate that the person should go ahead of me and the man insists on my going first. I think that’s false chivalry, today, and totally unnecessary. And I usually want them to go first because I know I’m getting off one floor up. But that’s me.


  4. lashumway says:

    You need to go visit Missouri, land of doors being held open for you whether you like it or not. My brother just had a diatribe about how, if you’re going to be in Mid-Missouri, you should just accept that people will hold the door open for you. It doesn’t make them anti-feminist, nor does it make the door holder think you’re weak. It’s manners 101 as taught in the midwest(and in my family’s case, whoever got to the door first was the door holder, it didn’t matter your age, gender or whether or not you thought it was your turn to be doorholder–you did it or else).


  5. norasnowdon says:

    actually i’d be happier if people would just acknowledge you when you cross paths. a smile or nod can help so much on a down day… (but i deplore the general lack of manners myself)


    • terriponce says:

      Oh yes. Love it when people acknowledge you as you pass. Definitely! I’m a smiler by nature…it’s hard for me to understand why someone wouldn’t smile or nod in return.


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