Everyone Needs to Laugh

I admit that I didn’t know what the heck to blog about today. So I thought, and I thought, and I thought…okay, I didn’t think THAT hard, but still…and I realized that I could use some humor today.

So, I went through some memes and found a bunch of my favorites that George Takei posted on his Facebook page. Don’t know who George is? Shame on you. Check him out. Your life will be more complete knowing him. 🙂

Do know who George is? Excellent. That means I’m in good company. (so a nod to all you Trek fans out there)

Anyhoo, back to the memes. I can only give credit back to George, who finds these things much more easily than I ever could (which saves me heaps of work!), and to his fans who send them to him.

Enjoy the laugh. Or the eyeroll.

Oh, before I forget. The last one isn’t funny. But it is my favorite.

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7 Responses to Everyone Needs to Laugh

  1. Love Takei’s memes but some he’d posted lately met some heated opposition from his “fans”. Anyways, I’m kind of a Trekkie. I do like the shows but I don’t have a federation uniform hanging in my closet, I don’t speak Klingon nor do I go to the conventions. My favorite series were The Next Generation, kind of got into The Voyager in the re-runs, liked DS-9 in the beginning, but one that I just could not get into was The Enterprise. It felt as if they didn’t know where to take the show, I couldn’t stand the captain, everyone behaved like a bunch of school kids and he just yelled or preached. The Vulcan girl was dumb and the guy that was supposed to be an eye candy was too self absorbed. The whole thing put me off Star Trek.


  2. Reblogged this on Rowena May O'Sullivan and commented:
    A great start to the day with laughter from Terri Ponce


  3. Tweeted. So funny Terri. A great way to start a Monday in NZ!


  4. Thank you, Terri. I love all things Trek, and George is a big part of that.

    P.S. Carl Sagan’s quote is my favorite, too!


  5. nora snowdon says:

    i’m not a trekkie, but i looove george takei. he’s funny and often poignant. and you’re right, terri–everyone needs to laugh. thanks for collating these. (can you collate if it’s not on paper???)


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