The Sexorific Picture That Launched 63,000 words

I’m a visual and so inspiration for my stories usually comes from a movie or a TV show. In the case of my latest book, it came from a picture. A sultry, sexy, smoldering picture.

It was probably around May of last year when I was surfing around, looking at pictures of sexy men. I wasn’t looking for inspiration, really–at least not of the book kind–but when I saw this photo…

copyright David Gandy

copyright David Gandy


My first thought? What are they doing? Why are they there? What is he thinking and why does she look like she’s being dismissed? And does that bother her? Does it bother him? Is this a relationship of convenience, comfort, or something more? Are they conniving a heist? Feeling guilty over a love affair? Or hiding from authorities because of a murder they’ve committed?

The questions led to all kinds of thoughts, and then BAM! The story idea hit me.

And then I saw this photo…

copyright David Gandy

copyright David Gandy

…and my creative wheels went into overdrive and the story finally got its teeth. I was in a 63,000 word story wonderland.

I’ve since finished wrapping up the first draft of that story idea, which has been shipped off to my beta reader for first-round editing. The story needs work, but man oh man, I’m loving the concept. It’s suspense, with some sexy rolled in. I mean, how could you not look at those pictures and feel a curious burn? Perfect combo, if you ask me.

I doubt many readers realize where their favorite author’s inspiration comes from, but let me tell you–it can sometimes be downright h-o-t when it hits.

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I write about secrets, suspense, and soulmates.
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9 Responses to The Sexorific Picture That Launched 63,000 words

  1. Gloria Alden says:

    Interesting, Terri. It does get the creative ideas flowing. Ideas come to me from everywhere; newspaper articles, a conversation I overhear, or even a line in a book that leads me in a whole different direction than the book I’m reading, and yes, occasionally from pictures, too.


  2. bellwriter says:

    Terri, this is fascinating. I’ve often used word association to create stories, but it never occurred to me to use pictures. Let us know when your story’s complete. I’d love to see how your brain works.


  3. bellwriter says:

    Awesome, Terri. Thanks, for sharing. You know we use word association, it never occurred to me to use picture association. Let us know when your story is finished so we can see how your brain worked! ~ Donnell


  4. Michele Drier says:

    I love those sparks, Terri. I once watched an American couple in a small restaurant in Venice having enough of an argument that the wife was in tears. Were they on their honeymoon? Was this a special vacation? What could cause this wrenching public argument? I’m using this little slice for a short story in progress. Trouble is, my daughter keeps telling me not to stare.


  5. judyalter says:

    Love it, Terri. I was once sitting at a stop sign and looked at the house across the corner. A sudden thought: there’s a skeleton in a dead space in that house. And Skeleton in a Dead Space was born! My first mystery. You’re right–it’s fun when that happens. More often, ideas come to me as a first line, sometimes in that drowsy time between sleep and wakefulness.


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