How Shifting Perspective Changes Your Life

Do you have a tendency to mind-read? Or jump to conclusions about what a person said or something that happened? Does your mind-chatter have a tendency to go off the deep end sometimes?

It’s a proven fact that your self-talk causes stress. And half the battle of getting better control of that stress is to work on tamping down negative self-talk.

I recently discovered a blog that talked about how our own thoughts can greatly increase or reduce the amount of stress we feel. See, the thing about our brain is that it never turns off — even when you’re meditating, which is something people misunderstand. (Meditating is meant to quiet the mind, not shut off thinking.) Anyway, this blog offers advice on how to challenge negative self-talk so that you’re better equipped to face what’s really going on in your life rather than constantly battle the thoughts running rampant in your head. I hope you find it as useful as I did!

Click here to read more about how to challenge and change your mind chatter.


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