A Small Way to Sneak Exercise into Your Day

The body wasn’t designed to sit around all day. It was designed to move, and to keep moving.

So, as I was looking around for additional ways to sneak in exercise, I stumbled upon a really cool smart phone app to help me keep better track of how much I was moving. Or, in some cases, how little. 


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A week ago I downloaded Steps Pedometer for my iPhone. It’s a simple app (at least simple on my end) that monitors how many steps you take each day. You may not be aware that 10,000 steps (or 5 miles) is considered a healthy amount of movement for the average person. Enough to burn calories, keep the blood pumping, and ensure you’re not a total couch potato.

What I like about the app is that it monitors my progress by percentage. So 100 steps is 1% of goal, 1,000 steps 10%, 5,000 steps 50%…and so on. It also incentivizes me to keep going, when I realize I’m not moving enough. A quick check of the app (which runs in the background) tells me real-time just how close or far off I am. It also cheerleads along the way, by showing me how much I walked the day before and for the week, plus calories burned! I either carry my phone in my handbag or keep it tucked in my back pocket, so the app picks up most of my activity and that makes tracking really easy.

And you should know that it monitors any kind of walking. Fast or slow, as part of your workday or errands…Steps Pedometer uses GPS to figure out when you’re mobile and when you aren’t.

Walking_2 copy

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The drawback? It’s a battery suck. For some folks that could be a problem, but I’m one of those folks who always has the iPhone plugged in charging. It’s something I’ve always done, so the app’s background activities don’t bother me so much. For someone else who doesn’t do this, it could be a problem unless you’re open to learning the new habit of recharging.

If you’re looking for added incentive to build movement into your day, I definitely recommend Steps Pedometer or any other app or Fitbit-type unit. So what are you waiting for? GET UP AND MOVE!


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5 Responses to A Small Way to Sneak Exercise into Your Day

  1. I had a FitBit, but stopped using it after three bands broke. I do use Runtastic to log my jobs and sometimes walking the dog, but it would be good to try an app like this to track all of my steps again.

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    • terriponce says:

      I use Runtastic, too! I love that app. I use it for running and walking and yoga — and will also use it when I get my elliptical installed. I’ve also got the Runtastic Six Pack and Push Up apps too.

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  2. Narelle Allen says:

    Do you have to carry the phone with you all the time?

    Narelle Sent from my iPhone



  3. Lida Sideris says:

    I really need this app. Both my day job and my rest-of-the-time job (writing) require a lot of sitting, and I like to move. This app will do the trick by giving me incentive to walk. Perfect!


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