Kindle Unlimited: The New Good and The New Bad

For you writers out there…

By now you’re probably well aware that Amazon changed its Kindle Unlimited terms again. Some don’t like the change, but I gotta admit I’m okay with it. JA Konrath just posted his thoughts on the new KU changes as well.

Here’s a snippet:

Under the old system, you got a full share if someone read 10% of your work. A 20 page work meant the reader had to get through 2 pages.

Anyone can get through 2 pages, even if the 2 pages are awful.

Now, we’re being paid according to how much the reader is reading. Isn’t a writer who is able to sustain a reader’s suspension of disbelief for 100,000 words more deserving of being paid more than a writer who can’t sustain a reader for 3 pages?

Want to read more of Konrath’s post? Go here.

Personally, all self-published authors have options. And that’s the beauty of choosing that end of the business. You don’t have to stick with Amazon, or you can choose to publish with Amazon only, or you can pull your books from every etailer and then not have to worry about anything. Except maybe not having your work in print. 😉

Thoughts? Good, bad, or indifferent?___________________________________________________

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5 Responses to Kindle Unlimited: The New Good and The New Bad

  1. I’m like you. I’m okay with the change 🙂

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  2. I admit I haven’t published a book and don’t know that much about it but it makes me wonder why, if I rent a movie and only watch half of it, do I have to pay the whole rental fee?

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    • terriponce says:

      You do. Which makes me wonder why this is different. Good point.


      • Well, mainly because the studios can still demand their cut from whoever’s selling the movie, but we small fries kind of have to take it and like it.

        I don’t know. I do see the point about the 50 page book getting paid the same as the 1,000 page book.

        Amazon’s done great things for indie authors and they’re to be commended. I just hope this isn’t the start of a downward slope.


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