5 Tips for Success as a Self-Published Author — great insights

I came across a blog today that talks about tips for success as a self-published author.

It was a great refresher for me. Even though nothing on the list is new, it does offer a good reminder of what self-published authors need to do to at least have a fighting chance of making it.

There are too many ebooks out there, making for intense competition, and that makes it even harder to be discovered. But these tips provide perspective on how to keep it real and how, with hard work and luck, you could find your own self-published success. (and remember, success is different for everyone!)

TIP #1: Study the Bestsellers – In both craft and business, studying successful people will help you discern the ingredients of success. Always be striving to take your craft up a level – by craft I mean storytelling, not just the way you string words together.

Click here to read the entire post.


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