Four Apps That Will Shape My Personal Goals in 2016

I’m not really a fan of New Year’s resolutions because I think they’re limiting and carry the connotation that you’re denying yourself something in order to achieve something else. Instead, I prefer to think of the year ahead in terms of themes. And, for me this year, I’m looking at 2016 as a time of mindfulness, acceptance, and personal peace — along with lots and lots of writing.

In my mindfulness mindset, I recognize my desire to focus more attention on the simple things in life and less on consumeristic behavior. In the process, I’ve discovered four smart phone apps that I’ve integrated into my daily life that guide me toward and through my personal themes. I thought I’d share them with you. If you haven’t seen these apps before, check them out. They’re real life-changers — and they only take a few minutes a day to use (well, except for the exercise app; that schedule is all dependent upon you). 🙂

  1. happifyHAPPIFY. In the website’s words, Happify teaches anyone how to enjoy a richer, fuller life. You answer some questions about where your head and heart are at, at a particular moment or for a particular reason, and then the app suggests skills to help you change the way you see the world in a more positive way. Maybe you need to overcome stress. Or get rid of negative thoughts. Or maybe you’re stuck in a rut when it comes to the way you look at personal relationships that are holding you back from a richer interaction with your partner, or family or friend. Whatever is on your mind or in your heart, Happify gives you the tools you need to transform your life through mindfulness and motivation. It’s simple, it’s fun, and it carries a big personal impact. Want to read more? Visit the website here.
  2. RuntasticRUNTASTIC. I fell off the exercise wagon during the last four months of 2015. And I have to say that doing so had a major, and negative, impact on me. Not only did I lose flexibility and strength, I lost the mood boost that comes with exercise-induced endorphin highs. The thing about Runtastic is that you can use it to monitor any exercise you do. Running, walking, treadmill, yoga, hiking, stationary bike…you name it, this app will tell you how much activity you’ve done, how many calories you’ve burned, and how you’re doing against your goals. I’m a premium member, and even get reminders about exercise and lots of cheerleading during my workouts, as well as kudos during the week that show just how much activity I’ve completed. It’s a great way to get inspired to exercise, and to continue reaching for your personal exercise goals. And no, you don’t have to be a jock to use it or even a FitBit. All you need is the desire to move. Runtastic will do the rest for you. Want to know more? Visit Runtastic here.
  3. AffirmationsUNIQUE DAILY AFFIRMATIONS. I live and breathe this app. In fact, it’s the first thing I do just before I get on the train when I commute to work, or just after I get out of bed and start my day. Here’s what it is: “Unique Daily Affirmations is a creative tool that helps you succeed in your endeavors, bring you out from under the clouds, and make positive changes in your life. Through uplifting statements and quotes, you’ll believe in yourself with these one-a-day affirmations. Let these positive declarations become truth in your subconscious mind as you think about it throughout the day.” This little app has made some profound changes in my life. Just by pressing the button and reading the daily affirmation, and then re-reading it and making it part of my soul, has turned my mind and heart around in some very big ways. You definitely want to check this one out.
  4. MindfulnessMINDFULNESS DAILY. This app helps you focus on what it really means to be mindful. About anything. Like the other apps, it’s meant to be used regularly and for just a few minutes a day. And through that regular use, you can build a mindfulness daily routine morning, noon, and night that’s easily integrated into your life. I’ve just started using this app about a week ago, and totally love it. So easy to use, and so good for you! Visit Mindfulness Daily here.

So how about you? Do you have any great mindful, positive, life-changing apps to share? I’d love to know.


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