The Mystery of Ancient Aircraft

Boy, ancient history sure does have its secrets.

I follow Sacha Black’s blog, which often posts interesting and thought-provoking topics that deal with the history of ancient man. I have to admit that, as an author, I find tidbits like these very interesting. It’s what typically fuels my writing. But I also have to admit that while some ancient curiosities (remember my post on OOParts?) can be easily explained, others leave us with more questions than answers.

The Ancient Flyer is a sculpture and carving that has been found all over the world. Said to be  thousands of years old and yet, upon looking at it, appears to be an aircraft…[it] was first found in Colombia and is believed to have been from the Quimbayan civilisation 300-1550CE. The reason it caused so much controversy is because it was originally thought to be an insect – much like the other golden sculptures from that era. However, no insect has its wings attached to the bottom of its body, nor do they have upright tail fins or stabilisers as the sculpture does. Weird, right?”

Check out Sacha Black’s thoughts on this very odd, very out-of-place piece of history here. Like me, she also loves things that are strange and unusual. What about you?


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2 Responses to The Mystery of Ancient Aircraft

  1. Sacha Black says:

    Hi Terri, thank you for the mention and share, I just found this as your blog had been referring people my way so big thank you ❤

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  2. Penn says:

    Her ‘ancient flyer’ looks upside down to me. It looks like those six projections should form its base or stand which will make it look like a cicada. I’m not usually a sceptic but I’m using common sense perception here.

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