The Joy of Missing Out — How to Disconnect from Technology (and Leave Space for Being Alone)

Well, the folks at did it again. Another wonderful blog post, this time about how technology gets in our way (if we allow it) and how, despite all our interconnectedness, we’re becoming more disconnected from each other. And from ourselves. This behavior change holds a special place in my heart, as it’s something I see happening more and more frequently lately. I even see it in myself, because I’ve also been known to pull out my cell phone looking for something to do even though mindfulness and quieting the mind are far more beneficial and healthier.

“Our devices hold out the false promise that there is something more important, more urgent, more interesting than our present-moment experience.”

Mindful says you should ask yourself:

  • How long do you spend in the morning checking in with yourself and your loved ones in person before you tap the glowing screen of your phone?
  • Where is your phone right now?
  • How do you feel when you don’t know where it is?
  • Do you usually keep it in your pocket, your bag, your desk, another room?

And, when you think about it, the impact isn’t just to ourselves as individuals. What we do, and the examples we set, impact everyone around us. Even kids.

“’If we don’t teach our kids to be alone, we will teach them to be lonely.’ Explicitly and implicitly, the way we live and the media we consume are teaching all of us to be lonely, to be too busy to attend to our needs.”

Click here to read the article in full. But put away your devices first. It’s the only way to truly focus and, trust me, you probably aren’t missing much if you do. You’ve just been conditioned to think you are. 🙂


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3 Responses to The Joy of Missing Out — How to Disconnect from Technology (and Leave Space for Being Alone)

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  2. Liked your reflection this morning. Thanks for the reminder to be mindful of technology and its effect upon us.


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