Kill the Soulmate (and the myth of the perfect partner)

It’s everywhere. The idea of the perfect partner. You see them on TV and in movies, and read about them in books. They’re men and women depicted as the person who completes you. The person who, through some design of Fate, somehow “gets you”.

copyright Kirsten Rudberg | Flickr

copyright Kirsten Rudberg | Flickr

But just how realistic is this concept of a soulmate? Particularly when you’re in a relationship and can’t help but wonder if the guy snoring next to you in bed, or the woman slurping her coffee across the table, is really the best you can do.

Is there really someone around the corner who is better for us? Are we really missing out on that one perfect person? Or are we caught in a cycle of idealization in which we constantly seek out someone who’s better suited for us when, in fact, that “perfect person” is already by our side?

“This soulmate trap is subconscious and powerful. Like a shark, it lurks until a moment of disgruntlement invites it to take a chomp out of your contentment. So what to do? We must kill the soulmate.”

Want to know how to “look for what you love about your mate, not the ways you think they fall short”? Click here for Mindful’s wonderful refresher on how to accept your perfectly imperfect mate because, in case you haven’t noticed, you’re perfectly imperfect, too. 🙂


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