Taming the Wanting Mind — Just What Is Enough?

graphicsdunia4u/Adobe Stock | greatist.com

graphicsdunia4u/Adobe Stock | greatist.com

How often have you found yourself wanting something so badly that you crossed your fingers, said prayers, or talked incessantly about it hoping it’ll come your way…and then gotten that very thing only to discover it wasn’t everything you hoped it would be?

How often have you craved something to the point of near obsession?

How often have you purchased something on a whim — food, clothing, jewelry, fill-in-the-blank — and then brought the item home only to realize you really didn’t need it or want it in the first place?

“Our society often conditions and encourages us to look outside of ourselves for happiness. The notion that this moment is not okay as it is encourages wanting minds and overconsumption.”

Thought-provoking questions, don’t you think? So how do you tame the “wanting mind” anyway? How do we move past the greedy culture we’re part of and realize that more isn’t always better? That life is at it’s most beautiful, and most fulfilling, when we focus on simplicity instead?

“When we know we are enough and have enough, we can be more generous and let go more easily. True contentment is not about acquiring more, but being satisfied with greater simplicity and fulfilled by what you already have.”

Read this wonderful post from Greatist.com. It’s a true gem.


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2 Responses to Taming the Wanting Mind — Just What Is Enough?

  1. Narelle Allen says:

    This is what David Michie is all about – the Buddhist books I’ve been reading.

    I find I still indulge – buy things I want but don’t need and justify it by telling myself after years of dollar desert I deserve a little opulent oasis.

    Narelle Sent from my iPhone


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