Small Actions Have the Biggest Impact, and It All Starts with You

It’s easy to get caught up in our own mindset and personal place, which means it’s easy to forget that the smallest of our actions can have a very large impact.

In a world of almost 7.5 billion people (wow!), it’s also just as easy to forget that we, as individuals, really can make a difference despite the number of people on this wonderful, beautiful, and amazing planet.

I found a blog on DailyOM that discusses how our actions, seemingly sometimes small as they are, can have the most profound impact on the people around us (The Ripple Effect). In fact, what may appear to be an insignificant something-or-other said by you to another person can cause great joy or amazing inspiration…or debilitating anxiety and even emotional pain.

This is where I ask you to pause. And think.

Think about how easy it is to dismiss someone else’s feelings in favor of your own thoughts and actions and emotions. We all do it, most of the time without thinking about the consequences. I did it myself the other day, in fact. But if you think about it, the tiniest shift in perspective, and actions, has a greater impact on the world than you could ever imagine.

A smile directed at a stranger can inspire that stranger to smile at someone else.

A compliment given to a friend can motivate them to compliment another friend.

An attitude of laughter can translate into laughter in a bigger group.

A thoughtful gesture can encourage someone to be thoughtful, too.

It’s not that hard. We only make it harder than it has to be. One small word. One small thought. One small gesture.

It all starts with you.


(want more inspiration? click here for the full DailyOM post)

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