Past Life Series

cover by Steven Novak

Book 3 of the Past Life Series

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David Bellotti’s only focus is to find his abducted twelve-year old daughter. When he sees her on a news segment with her captor, a renowned archaeologist who’s made a major discovery, David sets out to bring her back home. But the search leads him to a long-buried message that could alter man’s history forever.

A message David and his daughter inscribed twelve thousand years ago.

A message that is dangerous in the wrong hands.

In a life-threatening race to protect past and future, David is forced to make the ultimate choice. Safeguard mankind from a secret that must remain hidden. Or save his little girl.

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cover by Steven Novak

Book 2 of the Past Life Series

Available on Amazon

David Bellotti has carried a secret for all his lives.

When a chance encounter triggers the memory of a life 12,000 years ago, David is forced into a dangerous game against people determined to expose the very truth he has guarded for millennia — threatening the woman he loves, the life he has made for himself, and the daughter he never knew he had.

Find your way back through alternate history, when hunter-gatherers roamed and David and Lottie’s past incarnations began.

What reviewers are saying about Covet:

The Reading Café calls Covet, Book Two of the Past Life Series: “An amazing and fascinating storyline of suspense, mystery, betrayal, hatred and love.”

Author Deborah O’Neill Cordes calls this Paleolithic reincarnation story: “A page-turning mystery. Positively Hitchcockian in its ability to keep me guessing.”

Amazon reviewers say this metaphysical action adventure is: “Fascinating” with “non-stop suspense” … “An absolute treat” … “A heart-pounding thriller wrapped up inside a sizzling, sexy paranormal romance”

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cover by Steven Novak

Book 1 of the Past Life Series

Available on Amazon

When psychologist Lottie Morgan meets Galen, their encounter is as intense as it is eye-opening. Something about him is familiar. His looks. His words. His touch.

Lottie can’t resist the urge to know more about him, or the smoldering memories that surface every time he’s near. Only Galen’s keeping a dangerous secret, one linked to a life shared thousands of years ago. One that could destroy the relationship Lottie has with her current lover David.

One that is about to cost Lottie her life. Again.

Take a trip to mysterious ancient Egypt, where powerful passions ignite and deadly deceptions begin. The Past Life Series starts here.

What reviewers are saying about In This Life:

Hank Phillippi Ryan, Agatha, Anthony and Macavity-winning author, says In This Life is “Inventive, original and thought-provoking; this mystically romantic mystery will instantly intrigue.”

WiLoveBooks on this psychic mystery and second chances: “Riveting. Had trouble putting the book down.”

The Reading Café calls this historical, vengeful suspense: “Fast paced, well-written, amazing.”

Hesperia Loves Books about this metaphysical romance: “Evocative, sensual, engaging. Thoroughly addictive.”

Book Chick City: “A great read. A fabulous balance between paranormal and mystery.”

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26 Responses to Past Life Series

  1. Nia says:

    Is there a fourth book in the series? There seems to be a lot of webs to untangle still?


  2. Len van den Berg says:

    Hi Terri
    Do you have epub formats for your books? I have a Kobo and Amazon only seems to sell Kindle versions.


    Liked by 1 person

  3. So glad that we could feature your books on our website! We wish you continued success in all of your writing endeavors.
    ~Paranormal Romance Reads


  4. Roy McCarthy says:

    Very well worked indeed Terri. The pace quickened noticeably throughout as the mysteries unravelled. Congratualtions on an excellent novel.


  5. Brittany Bell says:

    Cover looks great! Can’t wait to read ☺


  6. Tara Mills says:

    That’s it. This just went onto my To Be Read shelf. Sounds incredible.


  7. terriponce says:

    Thank you, Kaye! So wonderful of you to stop by and thanks for the kind words.


  8. kaye george says:

    I agree, the cover looks perfect for your story–good luck!


  9. ellisv says:

    Love your cover, and the books sounds interesting. Good luck!


  10. norasnowdon says:

    congrats terri, looks like a great book!


  11. booklaurie says:

    Wow, Terri, what a treat to get the kind of cover you would’ve designed for yourself if you were a cover designer…seems like a good omen for your debut!


  12. inkgrrl says:

    WOOHOO!! I can’t wait to read it!!!


  13. sparshall says:

    It’s a great cover, Terri. Congratulations on getting exactly what you wanted. Doesn’t happen all that often. 🙂


  14. Verna says:

    Delighted for you, Terri. Well done!


  15. Brittany Bell says:

    So amazing!!! I can’t wait!!!!!! So proud of you Terri 🙂


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