Secrets Hidden in Man’s History

If you think about it, the history of mankind is an interesting one.
Full of mystery. Full of surprise. Full of unknowns.

tumblr_n6erzzFjvm1st5lhmo1_1280You know, there’s some pretty good information out there to explain our history. But if you think about it, there’s SO much more we don’t know, in particular when it comes to our ancient past.

The pyramids. Stonehenge. Venus of Willendorf. Chauvet Cave. Python Cave. The list is endless.

Did you ever wonder about what’s beneath your feet? Everything that happened before we were here, and even before that? To me, it’s mind-boggling. And it’s these unknowns that spark my interest and get my creative side really going. There’s so much mystery in our history and I’m intrigued by who came before us. Who these people they were, how the lived, where they came from. The ancients. Our ancestors. The beings who were here and that, somehow, got us to where we are today. Archaeologists and historians and people who are far smarter about this stuff than I am have such wonderful explanations to answer at least part of this. But definitely not all.

For me, that’s a major wow. A serious eye-opener. And it’s a wow I love to play with.

tumblr_mve3mr27d41st5lhmo1_1280When I started writing Covet (Book 2 of the Past Life Series), I knew that David and Lottie’s relationship was a very old one. And David, being the Alpha Male he is, had a specific past I wanted to uncover. Finding it, believe it or not, came quickly for me. As that Alpha Male, I could so easily picture him in Paleolithic times. The whole “I am your male, you are my female” kind of mindset. But I also knew that the caveman mentality was a very limited one, especially when thinking about the people of this very curious and very unknown era. Knowing that we don’t know a whole lot about our past gives me license to be creative. And to question all the things we’ll never, ever know.

I mean, think about it. We’re learning that people who lived tens of millennia ago were capable of abstract thinking that we’ve never really given them credit for. And the mysteries behind their lives? One can only imagine how so many ancient structures were built when man, today, can’t even do it.

tumblr_n21lqySL9D1st5lhmo1_1280Just think of all the history that’s been lost, because of destructive weather or time simply taking its toll.

Just think of all the artifacts and history still buried beneath our feet, undiscovered.

Just think of all the unknowns about our past that we will never find.

It makes me wonder…

What about you?


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I write about secrets, suspense, and soulmates.
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3 Responses to Secrets Hidden in Man’s History

  1. Lovely post! There so much of human history we’ve forgotten…


  2. Kait Carson says:

    Excellent post Terri. The past has always fascinated me. When we bought our property in rural Maine the woods were dotted with garbage dumps. I make it a point to dig through the ones I find. It gives a fascinating look into the past for me. Sometimes even my own past. Someone on my property used lots of Noxzema – those blue bottles are distinctive! Living in Miami for years I was fascinated by the Tequesta mounds and the recently discovered Miami circle. In some ways we have built (and I don’t mean construction building) on the knowledge of these ancient peoples, but in other ways, we would be wise to revisit their lives and learn their daily lessons.

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