Lies We Tell Ourselves That Keep Us from Being Happy


We tell them to others, but we mostly tell them to ourselves.

How many of these lies have you fallen victim to, personally?

  1. He or she will change.
  2. I’ll do it “one day”.
  3. If I had more time, I’d do X, Y, and Z.
  4. If I could just have X, everything would be so much better.
  5. I’m stuck.
  6. I’m not ready to do X.
  7. I’m not good enough.

“The truth is, if we’re not happy now, we won’t be happy when we get ‘the prize’—the love interest, the pay raise, the ‘perfect’ body. Remember, many of the things you have in your life now were once things you wished for. There is no magic ‘thing’ eluding you.”

These lies, and the ways to overcome them, are explored by a great blog post I just had to share (and yes, you guessed it — I found it on

Have a look for yourself — and at yourself. You won’t be sorry. 🙂

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2 Responses to Lies We Tell Ourselves That Keep Us from Being Happy

  1. Penn says:

    I do number 6 but I don’t see it as a negative as I’m a firm believer of when the time is right, the opportunity and motivation will present itself.

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  2. Very true, thanks for sharing! I am learning to live with an attitude of gratitude 🙂


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